Olympic Beijing 2008

The 29th Olympic at Beijing during August 8-28, 2008 has ened.
The last sport trophy presenting was men marathon running, at the birdnest staduim, which winner from Kenya.
The closing celemony then started, again, was super giantic show event, equal the opening event.
The host country; Chaina, has gained the great success in many dimensions.
They win the most gold medals, with 51 goal, follow by USA (36), Russia (23) , UK (19), and Germany (16).
Many Olympic records has been broken; in the positive direction.
Next Olympic will host by London in 2012
Thailad won 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals from this Olympic.
The 2 gold medals from women weight lifting (Nong Gae) and boxing (Somjit Jongjorhor), while 2 silvers from women Taekwando (NongSong) and boxing (Manus). That make Thailand sit in ranking 31 of 80 medalize countries among 204 participating countries of this sporting event. This made Thailand the number one in southeast asian countries.

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